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I attended a mediation which I thought had little, to no, chance of settling. My client performed poorly on her deposition to say the least. There were numerous other challenges to obtaining a favorable result. Glenn steered the case through the troubled waters and exceeded my and my client’s expectations.

Tim Santelli, Atlanta, GA

“Glenn mediated two cases for me over the last couple of months, both to positive conclusions. His trial experience served all the parties well and my clients were particularly pleased with his demeanor and commitment to finding a workable resolution. I highly recommend Glenn for your next mediation.”

Curtis Dickinson, Woodstock, GA

“Glenn speaks the truth. He has helped me get fair settlements in two cases over the past 9 months.”

Jud Waites, Marietta, GA

“I just wanted to give a quick thanks to Glenn Loewenthal for his outstanding work as a Mediator for one of my cases. I didn’t think there was any way the case would settle–and I told Glenn as much prior to mediation. It was court-ordered mediation, and I had unsuccessfully petitioned the Judge to waive her mandatory mediation requirement. Not only did Glenn get the case settled at a favorable amount, but he also did it quickly. Mediation lasted less than 3 hours. Glenn got the Defense to forego the customary negotiation-posturing and just cut to the chase. I was beyond surprised, both at the fact it settled and how quickly Glenn was able to move the process along. Thanks again Glenn! “

Jason Manton, Cumming, GA

“I don’t think anyone at Miles Mediation has a higher closure rate than Glenn. His clients consistently give him the highest praise.”

Joe Murphy, Atlanta, GA