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Truck accidents often have significant trauma to those involved in the collision.  While many personal injury attorneys practice personal injury and also work on accident cases, it is important to recognize that truck accidents may require a significantly different skillset and understanding of the law.

Atlanta trucking attorney Glenn Loewenthal has worked on countless trucking cases and understands the demands of these types of cases.

Trucking Accident Trial Attorney

Many trucking cases can involve complex businesses and various insurance policies that will all need to be considered.  Interstate commerce requires additional levels of insurance, while various trailers, trucks, drivers, and businesses involved can multiply the levels of complexity of what may seem to be a basic trucking case.  Attorney Glenn Loewenthal is a trial attorney that is poised to take trucking cases to trial if needed.  Contact attorney Glenn Loewenthal today for a consultation regarding how to handle a trucking claim.


Dealing with the insurance company after losing our home to a fire was hard enough. When the insurance company denied our claim I nearly gave up, but I’m glad I turned to an attorney like Glenn. He fought for us against the insurance company when we no longer could. Recovering from such a devastating loss wouldn’t have been possible without his help in recovering what the insurance company tried to deny us. – C.K., Atlanta, GA