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When loved ones are injured in a car accident, family members need a trial attorney they can trust.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Glenn Loewenthal is a trial attorney that diligently pursues his cases as if all will go to trial.  While not all cases end up in trial, it is imperative for Glenn to ensure all cases are thoroughly prepared in order to maximize compensation for his clients.

Injured in a car wreck?

Glenn Loewenthal understand the emotional trauma involved in a car wreck.  Oftentimes there are physical, emotional and financial consequences that need to be addressed.  Glenn Loewenthal understands that in order to achieve success for clients, all circumstances must be evaluated and resolved in order to appropriately achieve a successful outcome of a legal case.  Contact attorney Glenn Loewenthal today to seek out justice if you have been injured in a car wreck.


Dealing with the insurance company after losing our home to a fire was hard enough. When the insurance company denied our claim I nearly gave up, but I’m glad I turned to an attorney like Glenn. He fought for us against the insurance company when we no longer could. Recovering from such a devastating loss wouldn’t have been possible without his help in recovering what the insurance company tried to deny us. – C.K., Atlanta, GA