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As a Georgia homeowner, you depend on homeowner insurance to protect you from financial loss when disaster causes damage to or destroys your house. As an insured, you are expected to keep your home in good working order, comply with all requirements, and pay your premium in a timely manner. But what happens if you did just that and yet your insurer denied your claim when disaster struck? You should consult with an Atlanta homeowners insurance lawyer to evaluate the fairness of your claim and the insurer’s denial.

We represent clients in all facets of homeowner’s insurance disputes, including fire, theft and vandalism claims.

A GA Insurance Claim Attorney Who Won’t Overlook Details

Claims involving fire may become overwhelming, especially if the homeowner/family is also dealing with injury or death. A GA insurance claim attorney will take the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on healing.

Our experience in insurance claim losses can make a huge difference, since we know not to overlook important details that may increase your claim.

Our Georgia insurance loss settlement attorneys are experts in the field of insurance law and we have the successful settlement record to prove it. Don’t settle for a lawyer who doesn’t specialize in homeowner insurance law. Call a Glenn Loewenthal, P.C. homeowner insurance claim attorney in Atlanta for a free consultation and evaluation of your case.

Can’t Get The Other Side to Negotiate? An Atlanta Trial Lawyer at Glenn Loewenthal, P.C. Will Challenge Them in Court

If your insurer denied your homeowner loss claim, an Atlanta trial lawyer at Glenn Loewenthal P.C. will challenge the decision on your behalf. While we make every effort to negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement out of the courtroom, we are not afraid to stand up for your right to compensation for damages you have suffered.

Serving the greater Atlanta area, the Georgia insurance dispute attorneys at Glenn Loewenthal P.C. understand the toll it takes when insurers act unreasonably by deliberately misinterpreting evidence or policy language, offering a greatly reduced settlement, or other evasive tactic. Insurance companies who act in bad faith should be held accountable for their behavior. We are dedicated to holding insurers legally liable for causing you undue stress and aggravation as well as all financial losses.

You don’t have to suffer. Contact an Atlanta bad faith lawyer at Glenn Loewenthal, P.C. today before the Statute of Limitations runs out.


Dealing with the insurance company after losing our home to a fire was hard enough. When the insurance company denied our claim I nearly gave up, but I’m glad I turned to an attorney like Glenn. He fought for us against the insurance company when we no longer could. Recovering from such a devastating loss wouldn’t have been possible without his help in recovering what the insurance company tried to deny us. – C.K., Atlanta, GA