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Not all insurers are helpful when it’s time to make a claim against a business life insurance policy, opting to deny or delay a claim without justification. Demands for additional and unnecessary paperwork, retroactive cancellation, misinterpretation of claims or clauses, and other evasive maneuvers have been employed. Attempts to rush a settlement before a full accounting of damages, or offers of settlement far below the original claim are common money-saving ploys.

When you need an Atlanta insurance claims attorney who will fight for your rightful claim to a life insurance policy, we can help. Serving the greater metro Atlanta vicinity as well as throughout the state of Georgia, commercial life insurance dispute lawyers at Glenn Loewenthal, P.C. are dedicated to protecting business client interests concerning life insurance claims and concerns.

When Insurers Play Hardball, Hit Back With an Experienced GA Trial Lawyer

Let’s face it. The majority of business owners and CEOs aren’t experts in life insurance tort litigation and don’t know how to approach a lowball offer or denial of life insurance coverage, but the Georgia insurance attorneys at Glenn Loewenthal P.C. do. We don’t allow insurers to evade responsibility or escape with a reduced settlement offer. We hold them financially responsible for unnecessary delays and wrongful denial.

Glenn Loewenthal P.C. civil litigators know what it takes to prevail in court and they know how to get the evidence they need that will prove their argument on your behalf. We treat your case as if it were our own.


Dealing with the insurance company after losing our home to a fire was hard enough. When the insurance company denied our claim I nearly gave up, but I’m glad I turned to an attorney like Glenn. He fought for us against the insurance company when we no longer could. Recovering from such a devastating loss wouldn’t have been possible without his help in recovering what the insurance company tried to deny us. – C.K., Atlanta, GA