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Georgia businesses, whether a local mom & pop enterprise or large corporation, must comply with state and federal rules and regulations and that includes carrying the necessary insurance coverage required by law. Insurance, such as Liability coverage, protects the business owner when they, their clients, or other third parties suffer a loss.

In today’s economic climate, all Georgia businesses carefully watch the bottom line, including insurance carriers. While it makes sense to scrupulously evaluate each claim, it is not fair or legal to deny coverage without valid reason. But that’s exactly what many insurers do now, so it makes sense for business owners to consult with an experienced Georgia insurance claim denial lawyer before accepting an insurer’s reason for denial at face value.

Based in Atlanta, Glenn Loewenthal P.C. insurance dispute attorneys are qualified to represent clients in all Georgia courts.

Is Your Business Bogged Down by Unnecessary Delays and Demands Concerning Your Commercial Insurance Claim? An Atlanta Bad Faith Lawyer Will Step in to Halt the Avoidance Maneuvers

Was your business claim wrongfully denied? Misrepresentation of coverage language is a common evasive move. Others demand multiple unnecessary documents. When an insurer engages in the practice of “frivolous and unfounded refusal to pay a claim,” it is a violation of state law O.C.G.A. § 33-4-6.

If you feel your business loss claim was deceptively or unfairly refused, a Glenn Loewenthal P.C. commercial insurance protection lawyer can help your company appeal the decision.

Commercial policyholders are not necessarily obligated to accept a figure far lower than actual losses or inferior replacements. If your company is being short-changed or a legitimate claim was denied, call an Atlanta bad faith lawyer at Glenn Loewenthal, P.C. for help.

When Negotiation and Mediation Fail, A Glenn Loewenthal, P.C. GA Trial Lawyer Will Get Results in Court

We prepare our cases as if they will go to trial. Insurers know that a Glenn Loewenthal P.C. Georgia trial lawyer doesn’t come to court without solid evidence, so they usually opt to settle. We don’t overlook key points and we don’t omit evidence. We know, understand, and reference state and federal commercial insurance law with ease and our courtroom presentation skills are considered among the top tier.

When your company needs an aggressive attorney who will defend its right to be compensated for losses, contact a business protection attorney at Glenn Loewenthal, P.C. All consultations are free and confidential.


Dealing with the insurance company after losing our home to a fire was hard enough. When the insurance company denied our claim I nearly gave up, but I’m glad I turned to an attorney like Glenn. He fought for us against the insurance company when we no longer could. Recovering from such a devastating loss wouldn’t have been possible without his help in recovering what the insurance company tried to deny us. – C.K., Atlanta, GA